What Is Spinal Manipulation?

This is a technique that is used in Oklahoma City Chiropractic therapy to relieve neuromuscular pains especially in the spine and surrounding muscles. Stiffness, inflammation, rigidity are reduced as well. The procedure, which involves application of forceful thrusts, beats, and presses onto the affected areas, also goes a long way in increasing the range of motion in joints, improving their functionality. It has been found to be effective in reducing the chances of regular pains such as lower back pains developing into chronic conditions. In cases of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, the procedure has been known to be effective in reducing symptoms, thus managing the disease during treatment.

Types Of Spinal Manipulation

There are two types of spinal manipulation techniques based on the amount of pressure and force exerted on the affected area during therapy. These are:-

  • High velocity low amplitude –Involves forceful pressure exerted on the involved muscles and joints. Stronger thrusts and beats are involved. It is suitable for more severe cases of lower back and other neuromuscular pain.
  • Low velocity low amplitude – Lesser pressure amount is applied during adjustments of articulating bones in joints. Thrusts and beats on affected muscles are gentler. It is more suitable for patients with lower pain tolerance.

Causes Of Lower Back Pain

There are a number of factors surrounding the origin of lower back pains. Depending on the cause of pain and severity of the condition, a Chiropractor can be able to decide on the appropriate treatment approach. Possible causes include:-

  • Bad posture maintenance
  • Back muscles and joint overuse and overworking
  • Underlying diseases and disorders
  • Week core muscles to support the back